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This page showcases some of my recent work for brands. Besides the work featured here, I regularly write and edit newsletters, landing pages, articles, video scripts, campaigns, website redesigns and more.

BMO Bolt AI-powered chat bot

BMO wanted to create the first AI-powered chat bot of any big bank in Canada, which would require synthesizing massive amounts of content and information. As a copywriter on the project, I wrote responses to hundreds of questions based on data from online FAQ sections and call center logs. I also helped organize response flows to create a more succinct, intuitive experience.

As we begin to receive feedback and data from users, we'll continue to iterate and improve on the bot's copy and functionality.

BMO Harris spring mortgage campaign

  • Campaign: Spring home lending 
  • Role: Lead copywriter
  • Deliverables: Campaign microsite and custom content for each user journey
  • Results: The campaign has seen record levels of conversion. Currently, the mortgage team has received 2x the number of mortgage applications through the campaign as they did during the same period last year.

Spring is peak home buying season, and BMO Harris wanted to capitalize on it with a digital campaign aimed at home buyers to promote their mortgage products. Each home buyer is different, so we needed a campaign that would acknowledge the different reasons people need a mortgage and create a personalized user experience.

As head copywriter, I worked closely with designers, developers and the product team to develop a campaign website from initial concept through final proofing. We used user journey insights to created a campaign microsite that allows users to self-select their own journey. From there, users are presented with custom content and tools based on their specific needs.

BMO Investments Product Pages

  • Campaign:  BMO investing product pages 
  • Deliverables: New product pages for a suite of investing products
  • Role: Copywriter
  • Results: A 70% increase in lead conversion across all investment pages, including a 237% increase on the Mutual Funds page.

Investing can be intimidating. And BMO’s current product pages weren’t doing users any favors. We were tasked with redoing all the investment product pages to create an experience that was more accessible for beginning investors. 

Working closely with design, UX, and SEO experts, I created copy for the new pages that integrated product information, educational content and interactive tools directly into one cohesive user experience. The new pages make it easier for users to compare and understand products, while building on our new brand voice by eliminating jargon and using a warm, friendly tone that's helpful and informative.

Real Estate Agent Resource Center

  • Client: BMO Harris mortgage 
  • Campaign: Real Estate Agent Resource Center 
  • Role: Content strategist
  • Results: The site has surpassed all benchmarks we set to measure awareness and engagement, including organic search visits, CTA clicks and return visits. We’ve also collected hundreds of email addresses as users sign up for our newsletter, allowing us to continue building those relationships. The site has also become a valuable resource for email and social media marketing efforts.

Real estate agents are a key driver of customer choice when it comes to selecting a mortgage lender. About 76 percent of realtors say their clients always or often use their recommended lender.

That means it’s crucial for BMO Harris to stay top of mind with real estate agents. We also knew that 38 percent of realtors said they’d be more likely to refer to BMO Harris as a result of helpful content. So we set out to create a content hub that would not only offer truly useful resources, but also drive brand awareness and affinity.

My role was to pitch and execute a content strategy for this hub. I used research about audience preferences and behaviors to create personas and map out user journeys for two groups: real estate agents (our primary audience) and their clients (our secondary audience). I also laid out specific goals and KPIs to help measure success. Once we secured approval from senior leadership, I spearheaded execution, including:

  • Creating content calendars
  • Managing freelancer writers
  • Editing and uploading content
  • Optimizing for SEO
  • Writing monthly newsletter content

BMO SmartFolio

  • Campaign: SmartFolio 
  • Deliverables: A revamped product page with all new copy for a BMO investing product.
  • Role: Copywriter
  • Results: After the new page launched, SmartFolio has seen its best day, week and month in the amount of application completes since the product launched. It went from a 3.6 percent completion rate for online application in November to 7.6 percent in December. That’s more than a 100 percent increase in conversion rate.  

SmartFolio is an intuitive, online investing experience -- but its website didn’t reflect that. BMO wanted to revamp the site to better express the benefits of this digital investing platform. But the deadline was extremely tight. The team wanted the relaunch to coincide with a special offer that was just weeks away.

We immediately went to work creating a new product site that not only showcased the innovative product features, but also the brand’s evolving voice and tone. I worked closely with a team of UX experts and designers to build a new SmartFolio homepage. We broke away from typical big bank protocol by not just listing product details, but taking a benefits-focused approach and emphasizing how these features will directly help clients.

BMO Harris home lending campaign

  • Campaign: Spring home lending 
  • Deliverables: Campaign microsite and custom content for each user journey
  • Role: Copywriter

In years past, the annual mortgage and HELOC campaigns were combined into one. But these two different products also have very different target audiences. This year, we wanted to create two different campaigns to reflect the separate user journeys and the different benefits each product offers.

The resulting HELOC landing page allows users to self-select their own journey, based on how research tells us consumers use that product.

On those pages, we selected content based on research around what roadblocks were hindering consumers from converting. For instance, many consumers were skeptical about taking out a HELOC for home improvements because they weren’t sure the project would be worth it. The chart on the home improvement page shows users at a glance the ROI of various projects to emphasize how these projects (and the product) can add value to their homes. 

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